Bombo and Beyond | Uganda, Africa

1-Uganda_RayKang 2-Uganda_RayKang 3-Uganda_RayKang 4-Uganda_RayKang 5-Uganda_RayKang 6-Uganda_RayKang 7-Uganda_RayKang 8-Uganda_RayKang 9-Uganda_RayKang 10-Uganda_RayKang 11-Uganda_RayKang 12-Uganda_RayKang 13-Uganda_RayKang 14-Uganda_RayKang 15-Uganda_RayKang 16-Uganda_RayKang 17-Uganda_RayKang 18-Uganda_RayKang 19-Uganda_RayKang 20-Uganda_RayKang 21-Uganda_RayKang 22-Uganda_RayKang 23-Uganda_RayKang 24-Uganda_RayKang 25-Uganda_RayKang 26-Uganda_RayKang 27-Uganda_RayKang 28-Uganda_RayKang 29-Uganda_RayKang 30-Uganda_RayKang 31-Uganda_RayKang
  1. helen slowey

    those kids are so precious 🙂 beautiful.

  2. Steve Cowell

    Dude…these are insane!! So flippin good!! What kind of film were you using?

  3. Ray

    Esther – Thanks tons! It was an epic trip!
    H – The kids killed me! So freaking cute.
    Steve – Thanks man! Mostly 400H and some Portra 800 mixed in.

  4. Ray Kang

    Mr. Haack – Thanks buddy!

  5. Jeralyn

    Talk about gaining perspective. Stunning Ray, can’t wait to hear about the trip!

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